Green Smoke Coupon Codes For 2015

Here are the latest Coupon Codes for August, 2015 to help you save on all their products.

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Save Money With Green Smoke

Price cuts at Green Smoke enabled that brand to compete better with other electronic cigarette brands in the United States and internationally. It was a relief to see how much they lowered fees for starter kits and cartridge, etc. Now theirs are not the most expensive products in the top-ten table anymore and they remain firmly in that list of favorite brands years after first launching their green-and-white, eco-friendly theme.

Save Money

Green Smoke took the first steps to cutting your vaping costs, but customers take the next steps by using the tools given to them. There are lots of ways to slash considerable sums from your monthly budget including bulk buys and automatic delivery. Here are some ideas.

Green Smoke Pro KitBuy a Starter Kit

Each time you need more than just new cartridges consider ordering a bundle. Think ahead: batteries cost $15.71 individually. One five-pack of e cartridges is priced almost $13. A set of chargers will take you up to more than $43.

Meanwhile, the Express kit saves you around 32% for a two-battery, 5-cartridge kit and the Pro drops around 37% if you want more gear (a third battery, car charger, case, etc.) Obviously, you have to be in the market for extra accessories, but they come in handy.

Arrange Home Delivery

Sign up to receive cartridges at regular intervals which you set and Green Smoke will knock 10% off the cost. This will not affect volume savings, so take advantage of those too. While a five-pack is priced $12.99 when you buy just one, purchases of 5 packs or more result in savings of 50 cents to $3 per pack.

Customers also receive free gifts with large orders. Every purchase of 15 packs ($10.49 per pack) is shipped with a free battery. They send a free battery and a USB charger with orders of 20 packs ($9.97 each) and also pays for 2-day shipping.

Save Cartridges

Your collection of used cartridges might appear strange to most people, but to you this isn’t hoarding; it’s saving. Save money by partnering with them in an effort to reduce waste. Send in 80 cartridges at a time to receive 26 reward points. That’s worth $13 or one free package of cartridges if you choose to spend those points on refills.

Reward Points

The people at Green Smoke aren’t fussy about where you spend points. Every $10 spent on anything earns you 1 point worth 50 cents against your next order. They used to limit what you could spend that on, but points are now good for discounts on anything in the GreenSmoke catalogue.

An option to redeem points is offered automatically at the checkout. Just think: ordering a Pro Kit for $74.05 just earned you 74 points or the equivalent of $37. That’s enough for two Essentials Kits to share with friends who still smoke and have yet to try e cigs.

Combine all these ways to save with our discount coupons above, and you will save big!

Review Of The Brand Green Smoke

The owner must have realized that other businesses were passing him and the margin for error was narrowing. Too many other businesses have joined this market to assume early dominance will be enough to ensure continued popularity.

The well known V2 Cigs didn’t sit around: they came up with the EX series, added e liquids, partnered with Zig Zag, and developed a 3-in-1 device. South Beach Smoke added 6 flavors and an eGo package. VaporFi came along with thousands of e liquid flavors and 6 types of e cig. Green Smoke could still do many things to improve or reinforce their standing, but they have at least addressed one of their negative features recently: price.

Green Smoke’s Lower Prices

Starter kits and accessories used to be some of the most expensive in the cigalike market. They charged nearly $17 for a pack of 5 cartomizers as compared with $14.99 for VaporFi (also expensive) and a little over $10 for V2 Cigs (lower than average).

You can also see on the image here that they are having sales, such as this one ‘5 days of deals’, at the time of this writing.

They didn’t even have an inexpensive starter kit. Everything has changed now, so if you glanced at their price tags but felt they were out of your price range a few months ago, look again.

You can now buy a basic starter kit for a price comparable to other express-style kits: less than $20. That gets you a single rechargeable e cig with an extra cartomizer and USB charger. It’s not fancy, but should be enough for you to discover if vaping feels right.

The next option is a $47 kit with 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, a charging kit, and a carry case. Again, this price is competitive with the best e cig companies around. A Pro Kit has three batteries for $74.05, a price that also covers the charging kit with a car adapter. An Ultimate Kit contains two cases, 4 batteries, 10 cartridges, and all the chargers while the Love Birds Kit is the Pro Kit times two.

Starter Kit Review

I appreciate that prices came down and this makes the brand more approachable for people counting pennies and really nervous about investing in e cigs. After all, a few companies have ripped people off, so it is understandable that consumers would be wary.

One problem I have with the Ultimate Kit is that you receive two cases: that seems silly. Since the leather case costs nearly $30 and a hard case sells for just under $20, wouldn’t it be better to either cut the price further or insert an extra package of cartomizers? For the sake of practicality I wouldn’t bother with the Ultimate.

Replacement Cartridges

There are just 8 flavors of refill cartomizers at, albeit fresh ones guaranteed. You can’t be sure of how stale or fresh your other e liquid cartomizers are going to be if they are not packaged as carefully as cartomizers. They triple-seal their refills just to be sure these do not leak in transit and taste excellent upon arrival.

Your eight flavors include four styles for new converts: Red Label, Absolute, Gold Tobacco, and Menthol. You can almost guarantee they will taste quite different from real tobacco and possibly resemble pipe or cigar tobacco instead. It’s the lack of smoke you see: chemicals gave your cigarettes a unique and deadly taste e cigs cannot and will not emulate.

Gourmet choices like Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, and Clove are so different from ordinary cigarettes that you won’t be trying to compare them with analogs.

Choose up to 2.4% nicotine or whittle your way to zero. Bulk orders reduce the price still further, but $12.99 for 5 is only a little higher than the average (about $11) and better than VaporFi.

Batteries from

To replace Green Smoke batteries, you don’t have to worry about one style being bigger in diameter than another; they all work with the same cartomizers (V2 Cigs EX and Vapor Couture batteries only work with EX and Vapor Couture cartomizers). You get the choice of black, white, or designer pieces costing $15.71 each.

They provide short batteries (160 mAh) and long ones (270 mAh) so you can either stick to the weight and size of a real cigarette or graduate to longer, less subtle, but longer lasting devices. Pay $44.97 for a package of 3.

Instead of bling or tattoo art, Green Smoke has designed special batteries in honor of important cities around the country. Their patterns sometimes represent their titles, but not necessarily. The Charleston “Get in Gear” is covered in gears. Images representing travel cover the Manhattan “Explore the World” battery. A Nashville, Cooperstown, New Chicago, El Paso battery might leave you scratching your head, but they are nice to look at.

Lack of Accessories

But for chargers, batteries, and cases, there would not be much to look at in the accessories department at Green Smoke. The marketing department or Research and Development need to bring them to the next level with a PCC.

They could add e liquid or partner with a made-in-America e liquid company. Alongside e liquids, they would have to sell empty cartomizers at least or, better still, an eGo-style vaping kit.

If nothing else, it would be sad to see an early giant lose ground simply because they won’t extend their selection of cartomizers. The flavors they chose are standards every company needs to provide and they offer a generous selection of tobacco flavors, but V2 Cigs has 10 flavors plus special editions; Bull Smoke sells 10; South Beach Smoke carries 16; and Vapor4Life offers even more choice.

Quality over Quantity

In the long run, however, the issue vapers run into at other companies, one which troubles them more than lack of choice, is poor quality. A new adventure in vaping is short-lived when batteries don’t hold a charge, cartomizers leak, and customer service is non-existent.

Green Smoke presents a contrast to problems like these. Customer service is excellent. Batteries hold their charge and they last. Cartomizers don’t leak. You always encounter exceptions, but overall, provides quality and, now, affordability.