Avoid Carbon Monoxide with Electronic Cigarettes

All of us have heard about electronic cigarettes these days, being called the best alternative for regular smoking. Smokers, as expected, are showing a higher rate of interest in this new generation of smoking as most of them are fed up after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on their habit.

Another reason for this increased interest is the constant awareness being created by non government organizations and other authorities regarding how dangerous tobacco is for human body. While puffing cigarettes, the smoker does not realize that he is emitting more than four hundred cancer causing toxins in his lungs with every single cigarette.

Other than this, normal cigarettes contain carbon monoxide that is an extremely dangerous substance. Carbon monoxide creates a tumor in one’s lungs that takes the shape of cancer over time. All these ills are definitely linked with the frequency of smoking but even an occasional smoker can face these problems.

Another heinous issue caused by carbon monoxide is the shooting up of blood pressure and heart rate that weaken the heart. We all know how important both heart and lungs are for human biology to function properly and even the smallest infliction to any of these organs can cause serious problems.

The same injurious toxins are spread in the air when smoke is released in the air by the smoker, leading to second and third hand smoking. The reason passive smoking is considered dangerous not just for children but also adults, is because it raises the chances of asthma being developed among people.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are free of all such carcinogens and damaging substances. They do not disperse any smoke in the air, thus not affecting other people. All these reasons make electronic cigarettes not just safe for smokers but also the most viable substitute to give up tobacco smoking.