Electronic Cigarettes and Allergies?

There are some users who are allergic to the PG (propylene glycol) in the E-liquid. In this article we will try understanding the symptoms which might be related to electronic cigarettes.

First of all it is important to diagnose whether the allergy is related to vaping, for example, people who quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes experience some symptoms related to smoke cessation side effects.

What are the symptoms?

Many people experience nausea, headaches, mouth ulcers coughing, skin allergies among others, these symptoms are not permanent and usually go away in a couple of weeks to sometimes a month, these could be related to people who have recently switched and are experiencing post tobacco cessation side effect or they could be the electronic cigarette unfortunately in both cases the symptoms are the same, what you can do is, stop vaping for a few days and see whether the symptoms are still there or not, if your condition is the same than it is the post tobacco cessation and if not than it is the electronic cigarette.

Diagnosing whether it’s the electronic cigarette or the tobacco, one should consult a physician, sometimes the weirdest of symptoms occur for no reason, some people smoke electronic cigarette for years and then suddenly they start experiencing allergies.

The most usual reason can be PG, it is organic and is used as a base, it is also a classified irritant and could become the reason for many allergies.

How to counter them?

Many people experience sore throats or numbness in the tongue, or maybe it could be an irritation on the skin, one way of solving this problem is to switch to VG (vegetable glycerin) based e-liquid or an e-liquid with lesser PG.

Sometimes it could also be a nicotine overdose; electronic cigarettes are very potent so make sure that you are using the correct dosage of nicotine. The flavorings could also be the culprit so you can try switching to some other brand